The World Cup

The World Cup is a coffee shop concept. The focus would be to provide a place at Penn State where international students could come to socialize and have access to food and drinks from their own countries.

The World Cup is a concept for a coffee shop in State College, PA. State College is home to the main campus of Penn State University, and happens to be my home town. The World Cup would be focused on serving the large and vibrant international community at Penn State. The shop would serve food and drinks from many other countries, and provide a place where international students could come to socialize and meet people from different (or similar) walks of life. 
The Word Cup would be a non-profit organization, with all earnings above operating costs being used to help further the growth of the international community. The World Cup would help provide scholarships to international students, as well as work closely with other organizations at Penn State to help international students reach their full potential while here in the states.
I wanted the logo to have a friendly and inviting feel, so I used a very sketch-like style. The type is based off the font "Fishfingers." 
For the business card, I imagined that the employees of The World Cup would likely be from many different nations, so I created business cards to showcase that. They would be based off passport design, and each employee would have a card specific to them, stamped with their country's seal. 
The World Cup would of course offer a rewards program to frequent visitors. Upon signing up, a customer would receive this card, which would be programmed with their basic information, including their home country. When entering The World Cup, you could choose to scan your card at the door, prompting your country of origin to display on a screen in the dining area. This would be a fun visual representation to showcase the diversity of Penn State students who visit the shop.
Credit for the concept behind this project goes to my dad, a long-time campus minister at Penn State. The World Cup concept belongs to him, and hopefully we'll be able to make it real one day.
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