I'm Andrew Pons. I’m the Lead Designer at Big Vision. Some of my recent projects include Walker Design1, Omni Fight Club2, Anthem Wealth3, and Bioclinica Research4.

I like to keep it simple. I like to figure out the most efficient way to solve a problem. I like to help deliver products that clients are proud of, and that we can be proud of too. If you like some or all of those things, then let's collab.

1 — Brand Design, Web Design, Photography
2 — Brand Design, Web Design, Photography
3 — Brand Design, Web Design
4 — Web Design


Concept logo refresh.

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Concept logo.

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Photoshop-only recreation.

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Walker Design

Brand and web design.

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Omni Fight Club

Web design and photography.

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Le Gourmet Break

Brand concept for local café.

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Iceberg Lake

Photography — Glacier Ntl. Park.

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Acrylic, 48x30 inches.


Vector illustration.

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The Assistance Fund

Brand, web design, photography, & video.

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Photography — Venice Beach.

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Top Hog

Logo concept for a Tenessee BBQ eatery.


Cinema 4D render.